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BH Lager Filtered

BH Lager filtered is a type of Pilsner beer, brewed by a special BH recipe. The light golden color and brilliant clarity of the beer is one of its key features. A refreshing beer that prominently features noble hop bitterness. It has a typical long-lasting white head.

BH Lager Unfiltered

The BH Lager unfiltered will delight the tongue with its specific taste. Characterized by a subtle maltiness and moderate carbonation, the unfiltered light beer has a deep golden color and distinctive cloudiness. The hop aroma is combined with a clean grainy scent, leaving a smooth aftertaste.

BH Dark Unfiltered

BH dark unfiltered beer is known for its special full taste and refined bitterness. A unique craft beer, it has a deep-brown color and a nutty-sweet elegant aftertaste. The varied flavors are combined into a malty, moderately sweet scent with a pinch of caramel.

BH Wheat Beer

BH wheat beer is brewed on a special BH recipe, crafted with 60% malted wheat. This beer has a truly signature taste, with low carbonation and spice flavors. The complex fruity flavor is enhanced by a lighter body than most barley-based beers have. This beer also has very little bitterness.

BH Vienna Beer

The BH Vienna Beer is a reddish-copper lager. Nicely malty with some light spicing from the hops. This beer has little bitterness and presents medium carbonation and a notable degree of roasted malt. Generally it is considered a beer with style.